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My Protege Fellow

“Financial constraints have been my biggest concern every time I wanted to pursue an internship outside my city. I can still think of the times when I had to forego some of the opportunities I had gotten for lack of enough finances. The last time when I had a crucial internship on the line, I was more worried about funding my expenses. Gradyoumate came to my rescue by funding a substantial part of my expenses, thereby clearing the biggest roadblock to my dream. The organisation stands true to its vision to the core & I see the organisation expanding its wings to fuel the dreams of many law students like me in future. Thank you Gradyoumate” - Protege Fellow


Project Bridge Fellow 

“I am honoured and deeply grateful to be one of the Project Bridge Fellowship awardees by the Gradyoumate Foundation. Thanks to this prestigious fellowship, I was able to complete the "Contract Drafting and Negotiation" course by Lawctopus. This opportunity has been a game-changer for me, equipping me with invaluable skills and knowledge which is mostly required in the legal field. I am more than grateful to the Foundation for their visionary mission of democratising legal education and empowering students from diverse backgrounds to excel in the legal profession. Their unwavering commitment to promoting access and excellence is truly commendable” - Huzaifa Shaikh


GYM Fellows 

"My internship at GYM was a fantastic learning experience. It allowed me to explore new areas, particularly website building, which was entirely novel for me. GYM is a unique organization, being the first of its kind to tackle law school problems. 
Naresh and Sushmita were incredibly supportive, simplifying complex tasks and guiding me throughout. During my time at GYM, I worked on various tasks, including Canva design, website development, database creation, and drafting and sending emails. Managing communications and creating databases were valuable skills that I acquired during my internship, which I believe will  will benefit my future endeavours as well." - Sahithi

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