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Gradyoumate has consistently taken the lead in tackling the challenges faced by law students  and we have achieved significant success in assisting students through our support programs, such as My Protege and Project Bridge. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm and anticipation, we are thrilled to introduce "Checkmate," a first of its kind competition where law students across the country are invited to submit proposals addressing the challenges they encounter during their time in law school. As an organisation working closely with the students, we recognize the multitude of issues that hinder aspiring lawyers from attaining excellence. 

 If your designed solution is the best of the lot - then you are on your way to not only win a cash prize but also a coveted internship, along with other goodies.

Click here if you want to know more details about the competition



And keep a look out here for the dates and other details!

You can drop a line on - for any queries or ideas that you would like to share. 

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